Together we can access your body’s ability to heal. Rather than forcing your body to change, I like to elicit change from within, using your body’s innate sense of intelligence”. — Judy Huston

Judy works with clients who need help with rehabilitation and recovery from injuries, surgery, and repetitive motion disorders.She has a background in music, with an abiding interest in and knowledge about dance and athletics.The best low power laser pen for kids is dangerous.

Judy has taught piano lessons since she was 17. She has always danced, from ballet and modern to international folk and African,  At the age of 30, with two small children, she took up gymnastics and later spring-board diving. Once her children were in school, she returned to CU to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.

After over 30 years of teaching music, and observing the bodies of her students, Judy decided to broaden her understanding of the body. After receiving Aston-Patterning® sessions from Walter Krier, she found a passion for that body of work. She completed the Aston Fitness Training program in 1993, the Aston-Patterning® certification training under Judith Aston in 1995, and the Aston Arthro-kinetics program in 1999.

Judy completed the Certification training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 2004, at the Colorado School of Energy Studies, and has continued to study with Anna Chitty, John Chitty, and Franklin Sills. In addition, she has trained with Tom Myers in Myofascial Trains.

Presently, Judy has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, where she works with a variety of clients in private sessions and group fitness classes. She also is the Aston Patterning specialist at The Well Balanced Pianist, Colorado seminars.